Alcohol Addiction Among Youth in Malaysia

More and more teenagers in Malaysia start drinking at an earlier age. A lot of parents underestimate the effects of alcohol because they think as long as their teens are drinking and not taken drugs, it’s better. Statistics show that 45% of Malaysian youths under the age of 18 consume alcohol regularly. Of all the legal and illegal drugs, alcohol is by far the most widely used by teenagers, and according to a national survey many are regularly drinking to excess.
Factors that can lead youth towards Alcohol Addiction
Peer group/Individual
Easy accessibility of alcohol
Low community values
Families or relatives who drink
Bad parental attitudes
Problems at home
Absence of parents
Having no one to look to for advice
Influence from
Peers who drink
Lack of motivation in life
Low self-esteem
Stress and depression
Not doing well in school
No career prospects
No enthusiasm about the future
Effect of Alcohol Abuse on Teenagers:
Emotional problems
Behavioral problems
Addiction and dependence
Risky sex
Learning problems
Brain damage
Car accidents
Gateway drug

One of the ways to prevent our youth to get into Alcohol addiction is educating them about the side effects of Alcohol Addiction and keeping an eye on daily activities as from a parent’s perspective. Also, keep a watch on their friend circle as they are the one with who teenagers like to spend most of the time. Once teenagers are diagnosed to be positive on Alcohol Addiction the name to remember for the best rehab facilities and staff is “Serene Retreat” which have its own Serene Psychology Center and 2 Rehab Center functional and serving its clients in Kuala Lumpur and Sabah and also in process to expand its services to other states of Malaysia.
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