Gambling Addiction Raising Among Youth of Malaysia

Gambling becomes an addiction when it is something you or a loved one cannot control and when it begins to affect a person’s financial, familial, social, recreational, educational, or occupational functioning. Gambling addiction, much like some forms of substance addiction, is associated with a release of dopamine in the brain as much as 10 times more than what is normal. Dopamine has been referred to as the “feel good” neurotransmitter, and this special signaling chemical is active throughout the reward centers of the brain.

Many school students are addicted to gambling these days mainly as a result of peer pressure and also because they have been affected by the culture of pursuing a lavish lifestyle. 

Worldwide there are Rehab Addiction Centers addressing this issue through different programs and strategies. Similarly in Malaysia there are few Private Rehab Addiction Centers who are dealing with Gambling addicts among that the prominent one is Serene Retreat which has achieved many milestones in the Rehab Industry of Malaysia in a short span of time. Serene Retreat has its specialized professionals who are counseling and advisable Gambling Rehab Programs and after their, aftercare programs people, especially youth are recovering and getting back into their normal lives.

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