Chronic Relapsing Treatment Center – Serene Retreat

Chronic Relapse is disappointing, excruciating, and can be unsafe. It happens when somebody is treated for Drug or Alcohol addiction but get involves once more after being calm for a period of time.

Why do People Struggle with Chronic Relapse?
Some of the main reasons are the following:-
• Unresolved trauma
• Family conflict
• Major life transitions
• “Transferred” addictions 
• Dishonesty with treatment counselors and 
peers in drug and alcohol rehab
• Harmful living environment

There are many Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centers in the world but not all provide Chronic Relapsing treatment and consultancy. Among those few Rehab Center which provides Chronic Relapsing Treatment is Serene Retreat Located in Malaysia having branches currently in Kuala Lumpur and Sabah and also in process of expanding its services across Malaysia in all the states.

If you or your loved ones are at the stage of Chronic Relapsing or any type of addictions or mental health-related issues do consult us @ +60146872268 or visit our website

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