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Substantial Increase in Drug Abuse Among Malaysians

As you have seen in the video even in 2015 there were Rehab Centers to deal with Drug Addicts and for their rehabilitation; but still, the numbers of addicts increased of those people who went through various expensive Rehab Programs. Still, after 2015, four years down the road many Rehab Center are either shut down or couldn’t provide the solution of preventing the Drug Addicts going back to the addiction of Drugs. A research was conducted in 2018-2019 by a group of Researchers and experts related to this field in Malaysia and they found out mostly Rehab though charging high but either they don’t have aftercare programs set or even they have there were flaws found which couldn’t make the whole program of Rehab effective. In some cases, it was found they didn’t have the right experts to address this issue or they don’t have “Chronic Relapsing” Programs which caused high chances of addictors going through Rehab programs ineffective.

Serene Retreat Rehabilitation Center is one of few in Malaysia which specializes in Chronic Relapsing programs and even their Rehab programs are so effective because of their world’s Best experts in their fields and facilities with the best environment which increases the recovery of the Drug Addicts more effective and reduces relapse ratio.

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