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Our CSR Event

PETALING JAYA, 18th July 2019: A Closed Singles Badminton Tournament organized by Eve Caring Centre featuring Serene Retreat. It was a day of great fun and competition for both respected facilities.

The tournament was held on the 18th of July 2019 at the Forum 19 Petaling Jaya with the objectives of building good relationships amongst the clients and staff from both facilities. Furthermore, this event aimed to enhance teamwork amongst the participants and to practice a healthy lifestyle as well. The tournament also helped to reduce stress from their usual routine in their respected facilities. The tournament organizer said, “the reason why this competition was held was not to see who win or lose but to build a good relationship with each other”. Moreover, the other objective also to reintegrate our clients to society. So, this will help them to break the barrier of stigmatization.

There were 32 male players and 6 female players from both facilities. The participants enthusiastically joined the tournament and portrayed a good sense of teamwork and sportsmanship. The tournament started at 11 A.M with an opening ceremony, segregation of groups and presentation of a token from both facilities. The event ended at 4 P.M with a prize-giving and certificate giving ceremony to each of the players by Raagidhasakti Ravi, the Clinical Psychologist from Serene Retreat and Reena Clare, the Art Psychotherapist from Eve Caring Centre.

Both facilities had won ranking spots in the tournament. Here is the list of winners for the male and female category:

Male Category:

  1. Nicholas (Eve Caring Centre)
  2. Jivan (Serene Retreat)
  3. Parthiviash (Eve Caring Centre)

Female Category:

  1. Pearly (Eve Caring Centre)
  2. Royghes Tan (Serene Retreat)
  3. Needa (Eve Caring Centre)

Congratulations to both teams for their participation and spreading positive vibes throughout the event.

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