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Does Stress and Depression; A contributor to people getting into addiction?

Stress is a normal reaction that the body has when changes occur immediately to such as physically, mentally, or emotionally. The symptoms of being in stress are as follows:

a) Dizziness
b) Grinding teeth
c) Indigestion or acid reflux symptoms.
d) Problems sleeping.

Depression is a mood disorder that causes a persistent feeling of sadness and loss of interest.

a) Loss of interest in daily activities
b) Anger problems
c) Reckless behavior

According to experts of addiction treatment experts says that Stress and depression can be one of the biggest causes of people to get into major types of addiction such as drug or substance abuse, Alcohol, Gambling, etc. In Asia especially in developing countries like Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, etc. there have been observed by WHO, UNODC and their independent health ministries have published figures showing a rise in adults and youth getting into an addiction just to get rid of their daily life stress and depression.

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