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What is Process Addiction and its symptoms?

Process addictions are a form of behavioral addiction that is typically associated with obsessive or compulsive behavior. Gambling, sexual addiction, eating disorders, and addiction surrounding your jobs or hobbies are all common types of process addictions.
Symptoms of Process Addiction

 Emotional pain
 Craving for relief
 Preoccupation with substance or behavior
 Substance use or compulsive behavior
 Short term pain relief
 Negative consequences resulting from behavior
 Depression, guilt or shame
 More pain low self-esteem

When it comes to the treatment of process addiction; it requires experts with the right environment and customized affordable programs which are suitable for all kinds of addictors according to their personal needs and requirement.

Serene Retreat is one of the process addiction treatment center having branches across Malaysia. At Serene, every addictors is closely monitored and treated well under the supervision of our addiction therapist and professionals which helps them not only recover from their addiction but also are been educated about addiction prevention.

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