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The Relationship between Mental Health and Substance Abuse

As per the above Infographic, it is briefly explained how our mental health issues can lead us to get substance abuse. As mentioned above, the common conditions under which an individual ends up into drug addiction is due to major depression, anxiety disorder, schizophrenia, etc.

Therefore it is recommended that when we suffer from any kind of mental health issue we should not take it lightly but to consult any Psychologist nearby which can help you diagnose your issue and advise you the treatment in accordance with it.

In Malaysia, nowadays the issues of dual diagnosis are at its raise and there are few expert mental health treatment centers too. Among them is Serene Retreat Psychology Center; where our mental health treatment experts are there to help you recover from your mental issue before it gets worse. One of the edges we have is that we have our strong background in treating different kinds of addictions including substance abuse so we know the best programs for you to be treated in a much cost-effective manner.

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