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How does drug abuse affect a teenage brain

A research was conducted by a group of Neurosurgeons, Addiction Professionals and Researchers who’re results are shown as above in the infographics. According to the infographics shown it is very clear that when our teenagers start taking any form of drugs and get addicted to it; they have to go through the suffering such as Less control over their emotions which means whenever they panic they will consume drugs to calm themselves also one of the other scenarios they have to face is weak memory due to which they may lose their attention over their studies and their focus over their goals of life could also be affected. Another situation through which teenagers addicted to drug abuse could be having problems in problem-solving, lower verbal comprehension, etc.

Once it is been detected that the teenagers are into drug addiction; the best possible step which could be taken by their parents, guardians, etc is to consult a nearby Addiction Treatment Specialists or visit near Addiction Rehab Center. There are various addiction rehab centers in which their specialized areas of treatment; among them, one of leading and most professional Addiction Rehab Center is Serene Retreat which is located in Kualalumpur Malaysia with its branches nationwide. We at Serene Retreat believe in providing the best addiction rehab facility under the supervision of world best addiction treatment experts in a more friendly and comfortable environment at an affordable cost.

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