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How Video Gaming Addiction and its Side Effects on Mental Health

Video game addiction is the compulsive or uncontrolled use of video games, in a way that causes problems in other areas of the person’s life.

Often considered a form of a computer addiction or internet addiction, video game addiction has been an increasing concern for parents as video games have become more commonplace and are often targeted at children. Video games include computer games, console games, arcade machine games, and even cell phones, and advanced calculator games. Games can be embedded in social networking sites, such as Facebook.

Some of the side effects of Video Gaming Addictions are:
i) Suffering from Sleep Deprivation

ii) Some Addicts also suffer from Agoraphobia – a type of anxiety disorder in which they fear leaving the house or with hikikomori —This term is mostly used for adults
who withdraw from social life.

iii) Video Gaming Addicts also tend to be moody and
irritable, depressed, physically aggressive, and refuse to
go to school or work.

According to researches done by experts and researchers of various related field, It is discovered that this addiction is penetrating among people at a quick pace; it is also observed that more than 47% of world’s population is involved in one or the other way in Video Gaming Addiction which causes a massive damage to their mental health.

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