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What Factors Contribute to Drug Addiction?

Substance abuse is very individualistic; there can be several factors that can be reasons for one’s getting into drug addiction. According to various researches conducted in the area of addiction; the following are some of the factors:-

1) Genetics

While some believe the roots of addiction may lie deep within you. There are as many variables as our individual DNA. That being said, genetics do play a role by predisposing you to develop an addiction.

According to the American Psychological Association genes are important in addiction – genetic factors contribute to about half of a person’s tendency to become addicted. Our genes have been linked to:

a quicker reaction to drugs

a decreased ability to feel any negative effects

an increased euphoria

a quick involvement with repetitive behaviors, i.e., an addictive personality

These genetic factors can cause experimental drug use to quickly spin out of control and make it difficult to stop.

2) Environment

Studies have shown that genetics alone does not make an individual addicted. The environment is also one of the key factors due to which an individual can get into drug addiction or substance abuse. Few examples are as follows:

Let say your parents stayed together but fought frequently and intensely. Experts believe the stress level that this type of behavior generates in us can predispose us to become addicted to killing the pain. Another example of the impact of the environment is for example; if one lives in a neighborhood where drug use is normalized, the individual will begin to see it as normal, and the everyone-is-doing-it rationale comes into play. It can also be stressful to live in that type of environment, which can lead to addiction by way of numbing the fear and worries one might experience.

3) Trauma

Traumatic events can leave a scar on the mind, and over time, victims choose to minimize their pain with their drug of choice. These events include:


verbal abuse

physical abuse

sexual abuse

physical altercations

natural disasters



4) Mental Illness

A strong relationship exists between mental illness and addiction. According to researchers on Mental Illness, more than one-half of substance abusers are also dealing with a mental illness. For some addicts, it is a matter of doing something to relieve the stress and pain associated with that illness. For others, the drug abuse sets off a series of events that cause a mental illness diagnosis.

5) Peer Pressure

While many people associate peer pressure strictly with kids and teenagers, it does manifest itself in adults as well. In that case, the influence is usually surrounding who they live with. Hoping to re-experience that first high, a sober partner may join in and begin to abuse drugs with their spouse.

Others see it as a way to achieve peace in their relationship. While replacing fighting with using drugs may seem like a solution at the time, relapse is simply not worth it.

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