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How Gambling Addiction Can lead To Drug & Alcohol Addiction

How Gambling Addiction Can lead To Drug & Alcohol Addiction

A gambling disorder is a pattern of behavior that severely impacts a person’s family, job, or personal life. One of the signs that gambling has become a concern is when a person feels an urgent need to keep gambling or to take even greater risks to reverse a loss.

People who develop gambling disorders earlier in life also tend to have problems with substance abuse or impulsivity disorders. Women who develop gambling disorders are more likely than men to also have problems with anxiety, depression, or bipolar disorder.

Co-Occurring Substance and Alcohol Abuse

Research suggests that there are high rates of comorbidity between substance use disorders, alcohol abuse, and gambling addiction. Data from a large study in the United States found that alcohol addiction is the most frequently reported co-occurring condition among people with a gambling disorder. According to the study, over 73% of people in the world that are diagnosed with a gambling addiction also have an alcohol use disorder and substance abuse disorder too.

Environmental Factors

Gambling and drug use may be related because of environmental factors. For example, alcohol disorders have been found to have the greatest link to gambling addiction, and alcohol is served at most casinos.

Genetic/Physiological Factors

Pathological gamblers and people addicted to drugs share some of the same genetic risks for impulsivity and reward-seeking. Research suggests that people are vulnerable to compulsive gambling and drug addiction because the circuits of their brains that deal with rewards are underactive.

Therefore, they tend to take bigger risks in terms of both substance use and gambling.

Psychiatric Factors

Research has found that people who have co-occurring substance abuse disorders and gambling disorders also tend to have higher rates of attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), risky sexual behaviors, and antisocial personality disorder.

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