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The Effect of COVID-19 pandemic on Youth Mental Health

Due to spread of Covid19 across the world; where it has affected our physical health on the other hand it has impacted the mental health mostly among youth across the masses.

According to a research survey conducted by youth mental health experts, almost 2/3 rd of world’s youth population has a great affect and are facing different kinds of mental health issues. These issues include Bipolar, Psychosis, schizophrenia, ADHD etc and others way they may affect their mental health is post-traumatic stress disorder, psychological distress, depression and anxiety.

As the youth is going through mental health issues therefore parents or guardians should helped them get some sessions or treatments with mental health professionals such as child psychologists and psychiatrists. One of the most popular mental health treatment center for youth in Asia is “Serene Retreat” It has got its branches across Malaysia and offers its services via Online Treatment Programs.

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