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How work from home due to Lock down is impacting people’s mental health

As we all know due to Covid19 almost whole world has gone to a state of lock down and self-isolation. Apart from its effect on physical health; it has also an adverse effect on mental health of people. One of the key group who are nowadays suffering are those people who are working from home for last couple of months since the countries decided to close down all kinds of operations.

Now the question is how working from home is affecting people mental health is because their daily work routine is disturbed, lack of interaction with coworkers or other people etc can cause issues like stress and depression, and people start suffering from anxiety and loneliness. According to some researchers can turn normally optimistic, productive worker bees into tired, unmotivated, irritable toads. Especially it can be more challenging with people who are suffering from bipolar, schizophrenia etc.

So as it is been identified above the effects of too much of work from home can cause mental health problems, in order to deal with it there are certain mental health treatment centers. Among them one of the most well updated and experienced mental health treatment center is “Serene Retreat”. It is based in Kualalumpur Malaysia.

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