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The Impact of COVID-19 pandemic on Drug and Alcohol Addiction Problems

As we all know about the Covid-19 pandemic spread all over the world and killed millions of people in duration of last few months.  On one hand where people are dying due to this deadly virus; on the other hand, another way this virus has affected the lives of people is by impacting their mental health and increased in their addiction problems.  This is because of the lockdown situation; people are isolated to their homes and with limited ways to diversify their routine.

There are two categories of people to whom Covid 19 has affected mainly suffering from addiction. One of the category are those people who are already suffering from addiction especially drug and alcohol adductors due to increase in mental stress and anxiety and lack of opportunities to recover; the number of existing adductors have increased across the world.

The second category are those people who due to mental health issues or in depression, stress and anxiety got involved in drug and alcohol addiction to neutralize their minds. According to a survey conducted by WHO it is observed that almost 43 % increase in drug and alcohol users across the world which has got a bigger portion of new addictors.

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