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Impact of Covid 19 on Gambling Addiction

As we all aware of the massive disaster caused by the Corona 19 virus in the entire world and has affected our lives in different ways.  One of the ways how it have negatively impacted is by causing increase in gambling addiction cases in last couple of months.

According to survey conducted by addiction treatment professionals across world has observed that a 28 % rise in Gambling addiction cases. These cases includes people mostly who have relapsed and gotten back in gambling more aggressively. This was caused by the lockdown which was in place to minimize the spread of Covid 19. And as a result of lockdown they had minimum access to treatment facilities which ended up resulting them in back to addiction. Another group of gambling addictors are those who as a result of mental health issues such as depression and anxiety etc have gotten into such addiction and effected their livelihood.

Most of the countries in which the raise in gambling addiction cases have been observed are mostly developing countries. Now as we learned the raise in the addiction is there the next step is to approach t the best Addiction treatment/rehab centers in our neighborhood.

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