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What are the Behavioral Addictions under which mostly youth get influenced?

Behavioral Addiction is defined as an intense desire to repeat some action that is pleasurable, or perceived to improve well-being, or capable of alleviating some personal distress, despite the awareness that such an action may have negative consequences. (H.J. Shaffer, P.M. Shaffer, in Encyclopedia of Mental Health (Second Edition), 2016).

According to addiction and mental health researchers, there are 5 most key Behavioral Addiction found among youth nowadays. They are as follows:

  1. Internet Addiction
  2. Gaming Addiction
  3. Sex Addiction
  4. Shopping Addiction

Now as seen above the nature of addictions highlighted; some of their common symptoms are:

  • Difficulty completing daily tasks
  • Academic performance declining
  • Relies on loans from friends and families for gambling
  • Lack of control over gaming behavior
  • Hiding from negative or uncomfortable emotions
  • Obsessive thoughts about sex that disrupt functioning at school
  • An inability to refrain from viewing pornography or engaging in sexual behavior

 As we learned about various symptoms and types of behavioral addiction that are occurring in youth nowadays; then the next step is to consult a well equipped and most efficient treatment facilities to help them recover from the treatment.  Among those Addiction Rehabilitation Center’s for youth addiction treatment one of them is “Serene Retreat” It is located in Kualalumpur Malaysia with its branches across Malaysia and satellite offices abroad.

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