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How Stress and Depression can lead to Addiction?

Stress can be defined as an emotional or physical demand or strain that causes your body to release powerful neurochemicals and hormones. These changes help your body gear up to respond to the stressors. Your blood-sugar levels and blood pressure rise; your heart beats faster; your muscles tense(Headsup, 2007).

Stress and depression are two points that a person can go through due to the increased pressure and level of loneliness or proper mentor. This can lead to certain mental health conditions. Studies have revealed that around 80 percent of the people in workforce and the 87 percent of the students in schools and colleges are facing work related stress. 30 percent of those college students face relationship issues and hence the stress leads to extreme depression and anxiety or frustration at times.
Brain research indicates that the people who are more exposed to stress are more vulnerable to use drugs and become addicted to it. The physical responses can vary: Short-term responses can cause a racing heart, sweaty palms, and a pounding head. Long-term responses can cause back pain, high blood pressure, sleeplessness, and an inability to make decisions. Constant stress floods the body with stress hormones, which can increase the risk of serious health problems. The hormone that initiates the body’s response to stress, CRF, is found throughout the brain. Drugs of abuse also stimulate release of CRF (Headsup, 2007).

The approach of preventive rather than corrective can work well in this situation. People should tend to prevent the stress and depression rather than getting addicted and then treated. An early diagnosis and prevention treatment is best and can easily be managed. Thus the best way to tackle this issue is to consult a Psychologist or an experienced mental health professional which will help people confirm their early diagnosis for this concern.

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