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Addiction and Bipolar Disorder

Many people with an addiction have a co-existing mental health condition such as bipolar disorder. Once known as “manic depression,” bipolar disorder causes mood swings between intense emotional highs and lows. In a study of people with bipolar disorder, approximately 60 percent had some history of substance abuse.

Studies have revealed that the use of drugs or any other source of substance abuse complicates the issues of bipolar disorder. People with bipolar disorder experience radical shifts in mood. These “episodes” can last for days or weeks at a time. Episodes may happen as often as several times a week or as little as a few times a year. Bipolar disorder also causes major changes in energy and concentration.

Imbalanced chemicals in the brain and genetics can cause bipolar disorder. A traumatic environment is also a risk factor for bipolar disorder. This disorder can lead to financial and legal troubles, addiction, relationship issues and suicide. Many people with bipolar disorder are tempted to abuse drugs to relieve the troubles caused by their condition (Bipolar Disorder & Addiction, n.d.).

It’s common for people with bipolar disorder to self-medicate with drugs and alcohol. These substances seem to ease the symptoms of manic and depressive episodes at first, which partially explains why many people with bipolar disorder have an addiction.

Frequent drug use causes physical changes in the brain. The most obvious change is to the brain reward system, which makes using drugs feel pleasurable. However, changes in the brain reward system lead to compulsive, drug-seeking behavior. Drugs can rewire other parts of the brain that affect mood and behavior. Drug abuse and addiction can cause changes in the brain that lead to bipolar disorder. Even people who were mentally healthy before their addiction can develop bipolar disorder. Around 30 percent people suffering from bipolar disorder have substance-induced bipolar disorder.

Considering the facts that bipolar disorder can get aggravated by the substance abuse or drugs or any other sort of addiction and vice versa substance abuse can lead to such disorder it is significant to consult a a fully equipped and most efficient treatment facilities for helping them to recover from the treatment.  Among such Addiction Rehabilitation centers one such is “Serene Retreat”. It is located in Kualalumpur Malaysia with its branches across Malaysia and satellite offices abroad.

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