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What is the Effects of COVID-19 Pandemic on Mental Health of Youth?

Studies across Europe already show the impact of the pandemic on mental health. UNICEF UK found more than 60% of UK children are worried about the impact of the coronavirus on their lives. Belgian public health institute, Sciensano, found young people aged 18-24 and students were by far the most affected by anxiety and depression during the crisis. Parents in Italy and Spain noticed that their children had difficulty concentrating, were irritable, restless and nervous.

Several young people have fears over contracting coronavirus and losing loved ones; school and university closures; as well as a loss of routine and social connections. Access to mental health services has also been severely impacted.

Hence, the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) is profoundly affecting life around the globe. Isolation, contact restrictions and economic shutdown impose a complete change to the psycho social environment in affected countries. These measures have the potential to threaten the mental health of children and adolescents significantly. Even though the current crisis can bring with it opportunities for personal growth and family cohesion, disadvantages may outweigh these benefits. Anxiety, lack of peer contact and reduced opportunities for stress regulation are main concerns. Another main threat is an increased risk for parental mental illness, domestic violence and child maltreatment. Especially for children and adolescents with special needs or disadvantages, such as disabilities, trauma experiences, already existing mental health problems, migrant background and low socioeconomic status, this may be a particularly challenging time. To maintain regular and emergency child and adolescent psychiatric treatment during the pandemic is a major challenge but is necessary for limiting long-term consequences for the mental health of children and adolescents.

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