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How Gambling Addiction is Increased among Youth Nowadays?

It has been reported that several students have ended their lives after losing large sums of money. Many students, young working professionals and businessmen are increasingly becoming addicted to online gambling and are putting large amounts of money at stake hoping to make a windfall, police said. College students are signing up in large numbers on several cricket betting apps available online, and are transferring money using online payment interfaces. Bets are placed mainly on cricket and football matches. The youths, who believe they have a good chance of winning the bets due to their knowledge of the game, put a lot of money at stake and end up losing it all.

Gambling among college students is on the rise. According to a combination of national studies, 1 in 20 college students meet the criteria for compulsive gambling. College student gambling statistics indicate that the rate of compulsive gambling among college students is more than double the rate of the overall adult population. One reason for these high rates may be the increased accessibility of gambling through the internet. Some studies indicate that 23 percent of college students report gambling online, with 6 percent doing so weekly.

Understanding this relationship requires a review of gambling and crime rate statistics:

  • More than two-thirds of compulsive gamblers report committing crimes directly related to gambling, and approximately 40 percent of compulsive gamblers report the only crimes they commit are related to gambling
  • 80 to 90 percent of individuals who attend Gamblers Anonymous report engaging in illegal acts to get money for gambling
  • 63 percent of Gamblers Anonymous members reported writing bad checks, and approximately 30 percent reported stealing from work
  • Nearly 70 percent of gamblers assessed as having a severe problem reported engaging in illegal acts relating to gambling, compared to roughly 26 percent assessed to have moderate severity
  • A study of Gamblers Anonymous members found that 57 percent had stolen to finance their gambling with a combined financial impact of theft equaling $30 million
  • Compulsive gamblers are arrested seven times more frequently than non-gamblers

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