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How Family Therapy Is Affected By COVID 19?

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Family therapy is a form of psychotherapy that seeks to reduce distress and conflict by improving the systems of interactions between family members. While family therapists often seek to have all family members (affected by the problem) in the room that is not always possible or necessary. What distinguishes family therapy from individual counseling is its perspective or framework, not how many people are present at the therapy session. This type of counseling views problems as patterns or systems that need adjusting, as opposed to viewing problems as residing in the person, which is why family therapy is often referred to as a “strengths based treatment.”

Family therapy can be helpful on many levels.  A good course of family therapy helps:

  • Develops and maintains healthy boundaries
  • Fosters cohesion and communication among family members
  • Promotes problem solving through understanding of family patterns and dynamics
  • Builds empathy and understanding.
  • Reduces family conflict

Family therapy needs involvement of a lot of people while being at a professional family therapist to incorporate all sides of the mental health therapy and psychological well-being. COVID 19 thus has a huge impact upon the family therapy due to the fact that people have to be away from each other due to the SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) and social isolation. Hence, people who are suffering from a lot of traumas or any psychological concerns must have to deal with the extended issues related to that COVID.

Thus, the ways in which family therapy has been conducted is changed the ways in which it is apt as per the concerns related to the isolation and pandemic. COVID‐19 also has plunged most of us full tilt into the already emerging world of virtual connection. Contacts beyond the nuclear family unit are almost exclusively by videoconferencing, phone, or app. With this change, it does seem that geography is now becoming far less a factor in our interconnected world. Zoom across an ocean or to next door does not differ much from each other. Yet, there is a difference between virtual and in‐person contact. Again, there are both the yin and yang of this, both the challenge of loss of connection and new possibilities for connection.

Hence, there has been an increase in the online and virtual sessions for family therapy in which around all the people who are near to the addict must be a part.

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