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How covid 19 has impacted the recovery process of addiction treatment?

COVID-19 related social isolation and stress can increase susceptibility to substance misuse, addiction, and relapse. Substance use can lead to immune system, respiratory, and pulmonary changes and may increase susceptibility to COVID-19 as well as complications.Many of the services and treatments available to people recovering from drug addiction have been disrupted by the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic, putting thousands of lives at risk. Countless clinics that provide syringe exchange services or daily addiction medication have closed or reduced their hours, while rehab centers have limited the number of new admissions, or even shut up shop for fear of spreading the virus.During these uncertain times, those who misuse or abuse alcohol and/or other drugs, are particularly vulnerable. The stress from social isolation and other COVID-19 related life changes can lead to or worsen substance use and misuse. There are also health risks resulting from chronic alcohol/drug use as it weakens the immune system and puts stress on the body’s cardiovascular and respiratory systems.Alcohol consumption weakens the immune system and can increase the susceptibility to certain infectious diseases. For individuals who are dependent on alcohol, restricted access could lead to symptoms of withdraw. Alcohol withdraw can be fatal if not managed properly.When opioids are taken at high doses, they act on the brainstem to slow breathing, which leads to decreased oxygen in the blood . This puts opioid users at risk of an overdose, and is why opioids are particularly dangerous and often fatal. Methamphetamine use is particularly dangerous because it constricts the blood vessels, which can lead to pulmonary damage and hypertension.People with addiction also have depression, anxiety, and other mental health concerns. During COVID-19, the constant flow of stressful news may lead to increased feelings of worry, anxiety, and stress. Although turning to alcohol and/or drugs may temporarily help you feel better, they cause changes in your brain that will make you feel worse. It is imperative that you seek out healthy activities that will help alleviate stress/anxiety/depression. Take a break from the news and social media. Watch a comedy, read a book, explore a relaxation or deep breathing app, or call a friend.Addiction thrives on secrecy and loves to catch people off-guard. It can progress quickly, especially during COVID-19 social isolation. If you’re dealing with strong cravings or relapse, contact field expert for their opinion and ask for help.

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