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Effect of Online Classes on Students’ Mental Health

What is the effect of online Classes on Student’s Mental Health?

COVID-19 has changed our lives quickly and drastically. Unfortunately, young adults and youth are among the most affected by the outbreak. The COVID-19 pandemic prompted several schools to postpone classes and graduation ceremonies in the spring and summer of 2020. As we reach fall, many schools and colleges focus on interactive learning to safeguard the safety of students and teachers. This online class structure is having negative effect on student’s mental health.

Effect of Online Classes on Students' Mental Health
The physical and mental effects of online learning

Whilst the wellbeing of students and teachers is paramount, online learning may have an effect on young people’s mental health. It needs to be clarified how online learning effects student mental health, and how parents should support youth with remote learning.

Social Isolation

Numerous studies have shown social isolation can cause higher rates of negative outcomes for the mental and physical health of individuals. Other studies have found that face-to-face interactions can help reduce depression and anxiety. Less social interaction may increase feelings of social anxiety and pressures.

Increased Stress & Anxiety

Alongside the lack of social interaction, online class structure can affect teens and adolescents in a number of ways:

  • They may feel heightened anxiety about keeping up to date with their school work
  • Other teens may experience difficulty concentrating or staying focused while at home
  • For some adolescents and young adults, being in front of others on video can lead to its own anxieties
  • Students may find it difficult to receive the extra education support they need to succeed

In addition, while school is a place for teens to socialize and form friendships, not all social interactions are positive. Students may become victims of bullying at school. For these students, virtual learning offers an escape from depression and anxiety caused by the fear of being bullied. For other students, virtual classes can also provide an escape from the constant weight of peer pressure. Hence the Effect of Online Classes on Students’ Mental Health is negative and detrimental to health.

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