Increase of Substance Abuse among Women

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Until recently, much less has been known about women’s, as opposed to men’s, substance use. The research and treatment used to focus on men; and, given the unique interconnections between women’s lives and substance use, simply applying our knowledge of men to women has been insufficient and inaccurate. Recent research has explored increase of substance abuse among women women’s substance use in more depth. Findings include:

  • Women’s use of substances has been increasing in Canada in the past 15 years.
  • women use alcohol most commonly
  • Women abuse prescription drugs more often than men.
  • More women tend, by using substances, to confront emotional or relational problems.
  • Women also face unique physiological problems associated with the use of substances
Increase of Substance Abuse among Women

Some evidence shows that women have a stronger vulnerability to alcohol and tobacco acute and long-term effects. For example, women are at increased risk of liver damage, brain damage and cardiac illness in connection with their use of alcohol

  • Lung cancer and heart disease are more likely to develop in women as a result of smoking.
  • It was shown that cocaine and heroin interfered with the menstrual cycle of a woman.
  • Women are more likely to use tranquilizers and sedatives and become addicted.
  • Women are more rapidly dependent on substances than men.

Men tend to be more addicted than women. In 2008 the U.S. National Drug and Health Survey found 11.5% of men 12 and older to have problems with substance abuse or dependency, as against 6.4% of women. Serene Retreat is one of the leading Addiction and Mental Health Treatment provider based in Malaysia with its branches locally and abroad which is working for the betterment of the people and working on their treatment processes with all the SOPs in practice and continue to bring healthy positive changes in their lifestyles. For more information about our treatment programs you can reach us via Call/Whatsapp +60 14-687 2268 or visit our website

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