Gambling and Gaming Addictions on the Rise among Teens

Most people think about narcotics and alcohol as they hear the word “addiction.” Gambling and internet gaming are rising addictions, especially among teenagers, who aren’t getting the attention they need.

Gambling and Gaming Addictions on the Rise among Teens

According to the Pennsylvania Council on Compulsive Gaming, 4% to 6% of teenagers have extreme gambling issues, while 10% to 15% are at risk of having a serious addiction.

In 2019, the World Health Organization added internet-gaming illness to their list of disorders to be classified.

The 11th edition of the International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems now includes gaming illness (ICD-11). It is included in the category of conditions caused by addictive habits, alongside gambling disease.

Even though gambling and online gaming are common pastimes, they may become addictive. It may be impossible to tell whether a leisure habit has turned into an addiction.

The alarming rise in adolescent gambling abuse is alarming. According to a 2017 report by the Council on Compulsive Gambling of Pennsylvania, 80 percent of teenagers gambled in the previous year. 21 percent bought lottery tickets, 18 percent wagered on ability sports like computer games and billiards, and 14 percent invested on sporting events. Adolescent issue gamblers claim to have started gambling as early as the age of ten.

 points out that “gambling is low commitment and strong excitement.” “Gambling provides a chance for teenagers to earn money, as well as enthusiasm and the rush of winning. It also provides a diversion from daily life as well as a means for them to blend in, be welcomed, and feel important. Many teenagers believe it is a fast way to get rich.”

Teens will also gamble undetected since it is convenient for them to gamble with their smartphones or to surround themselves by getting a laptop or tablet in their bedroom.

Some symptoms of a gambling problem are as follow:

1) Gambling more often or over a longer period of time than planned

2)Deteriorating job or school success Lies on where money goes

3)Taking out a loan in order to gamble

4) Isolation or separation from relatives or acquaintances

According to many researchers, persistent and troublesome gambling or internet gaming activity may contribute to severe injury or anxiety. Addiction may have a negative effect on a person’s emotional, physical, behavioral, and social well-being.

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