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Bipolar Disorder Symptoms Among Kids

Bipolar Disorder Symptoms Among Kids

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According to a research , children who go through extreme mood swings, such as being overly energetic and unable to sit still or even sleep, may be suffering from bipolar disorder.

What is bipolar disorder?

Manic-depressive illness, also referred to as bipolar disorder, is a long-term mental health condition that:

  • Is extremely upsetting, resulting in distressing emotional, behavioral, and even physical symptoms in some people.
  • Occurs in long-term cycles with no single cause, but it’s thought to be influenced by both biological and environmental factors.

Can kids really be bipolar, too?

Yes. Bipolar disorder affects 3% of all children and 7% of children receiving outpatient psychiatric care, despite the fact that it’s far less common in children than it is in adults. (Children receiving inpatient psychiatric treatment have even higher rates.)

Children as young as five years old have been diagnosed with bipolar disorder. Early-onset bipolar disorder is a term used to describe symptoms in children as young as five years old.

What are the different types of bipolar disorder?

Bipolar disorder can be classified into three types:

In the most severe case of bipolar disorder, it’s called “manic-depressive illness” or just “classic” bipolar disorder. Manic or mixed episodes that last at least a week and are so severe that the child cannot sleep or function properly occur either just before or right after a depressive episode that has lasted at least two weeks or is severe enough to necessitate hospitalization occur in children with this form of bipolar disorder.

In many ways, Bipolar II is just a milder version of Bipolar I. It can cause manic episodes that look and feel almost identical to those of Bipolar I, but which last only four days and cause fewer serious side effects than those associated with the more severe form. Hypomania is the term used to describe these types of manic episodes that are less severe.

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