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Dementia and its Symptoms

Dementia and its Symptoms.

In the case of dementia, a person’s cognitive functioning is impaired so severely that their daily life and activities are affected. With Alzheimer’s disease, some people’s personalities change because they can’t control themselves emotionally. As a disease, Alzheimer’s can progress from the mildest to the most severe stages, depending on the person’s level of functioning and how much help they need from others.

Below are some symptoms

Memory loss, poor judgement, and confusion are all symptoms of Alzheimer’s.

Ability to speak, comprehend and express ideas, or to read and write is impaired.

Getting lost and wandering around a familiar area

Paying bills and keeping track of money can be a challenge for some people.

Questions that are asked over and over again

Referring to well-known objects in a novel way

Normal daily tasks are taking longer to accomplish.

Lack of enthusiasm for everyday tasks or events

Having delusions or paranoia, or having hallucinations.

Taking a rash decision

Not giving a damn about what other people think.

Getting out of balance and having trouble getting around.

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