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Researchers at Columbia University’s National Center on Addiction and Behavioral Health found that girls and young women often begin abusing substances during this time period. In this transitional period, they often turn to drugs as a means of coping with the stress and pressures they face. Young women’s drug use can have underlying causes that go much deeper.

It’s not uncommon for young women to experiment with drugs during their teen years. What are the factors that increase the likelihood of females abusing drugs?

One of the most common causes of depression and mental illness

Adolescent girls are not exempt from suffering from depression. High school girls report feeling sad or hopeless on a regular basis. Girls are more likely than boys to contemplate and attempt suicide (23.6 percent vs. 14.2 percent). In many cases, substance abuse and mental health issues like depression are linked. Self-medicating with drugs of abuse is common among young women who are depressed and suicidal.

2. Trauma’s History

Nearly twice as many girls as boys in drug treatment report having been sexually or physically abused at some point in their lives. There is a twofold increase in the use of alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs among girls who have experienced physical or sexual abuse as children.

Inability to Handle Pressure and Anxiety

Internalizing stress is more common in females than in males, but males are more likely to externalise their stress through aggression and delinquency than females are. Young women often become depressed and withdrawn when they are under a lot of stress. According to a survey, 41% of young women say they use drugs because they are unable to cope with stress. The loss of a loved one, a divorce, a shift in one’s school or relationship, and a move from one place to another are all examples of stressful events.

Having a low self-esteem

It is common for teenagers to suffer from low self-esteem. It’s especially true in the case of female students. High school girls who want to fit in often place a high value on their appearance and social standing. They see weight loss as a sign of attractiveness and social standing. Drinking, using drugs, and smoking are all seen as sexy, hip, and cool by them. There is no doubt in their minds that drugs are the solution to their issues.

Pressures from the outside world are also a factor.

To fit in with their peers, many teenage girls start taking drugs. Even more pressure is exerted on “popular” girls aged 11 to 13 to smoke, drink, and experiment with drugs than previously thought. There is evidence to suggest that the more drug, alcohol, and tobacco users a girl has in her social circle, the more likely she is to follow in their footsteps. Over seven times as likely as she is to drink if she has five of her closest friends who do the same.

Pressures of the academic world

Women face a lot of academic pressure in high school, and this is especially true for girls. It’s the most important time for colleges, and it’s also the time when students reach a new level of maturity in their education. Despite this, academics and substance abuse can easily (and dangerously) be linked. The likelihood of drug use among high-achieving adolescents is halved compared to those who struggle academically.

Lack of Communication between Parent and Child

When it comes to preventing your daughter from using drugs, the most important thing you can do as a parent is simply to talk to her. The consequences of drug abuse and her options should be discussed with your teen if you believe she is at risk. Let her practice saying no. Make her aware of the dangers of drug abuse.

There are many other reasons why young women abuse drugs, and none of them have anything to do with being mean. Females are more likely to use drugs as a means of coping with stress, reducing tension, enhancing sex, and losing weight, whereas men are more likely to use drugs for sensation or social purposes. This is why gender-specific treatment is essential when looking for a treatment programme for your child.

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