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Symptoms of Autism in Kids

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ASD is a developmental impairment caused by brain differences. Social communication and interaction are frequently problematic for people with ASD, as are confined or repetitive actions or interests. Learning, moving, and paying attention may all be different for those with ASD.

What are the three most common signs of autism?

  • Autism is a condition that affects children.
  • The following are symptoms to look for in children who may have autism:
  • Milestones are delayed.
  • A child who is socially uncomfortable.
  • The child who has difficulty communicating verbally and nonverbally.

What are the main causes of autism?

  • Autism is a condition that affects children.
  • What causes autism, exactly?
  • having an autistic member of one’s own family
  • a few genetic mutations
  • Other genetic illnesses include fragile X syndrome.
  • being the child of older parents
  • Birth weight is low.
  • metabolic disturbances
  • exposure to heavy metals and poisons in the environment
  • a history of viral infections in the mother

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