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What are Factors that influence addiction?

Drug addiction, also known as substance use disorder, is an illness that affects a person’s brain and behavior, causing them to lose control over the use of legal or illegal drugs or medications. Drugs include substances such as alcohol, marijuana, and nicotine. You may continue to use the substance despite the harm it causes if you are addicted.

Trigger points of Addiction

  • School or work problems – frequent absences from school or work, a sudden lack of interest in school activities or job, or a reduction in grades or work performance
  • Lack of energy and motivation, weight loss or growth, or red eyes are all physical health issues.
  • Lack of interest in dress, grooming, or personal appearance
  • Exaggerated efforts to keep family members out of his or her room, or secrecy about where he or she goes with friends; or abrupt changes in conduct and relationships with family and friends
  • Money problems – unexpected requests for money with no acceptable explanation; or the revelation that money is missing or stolen, or that objects have vanished from your home, indicating that they may be sold to support you.

Symptoms of Addiction

Feeling compelled to use the substance on a regular basis – everyday or perhaps many times a day Having strong cravings for the drug that prevent you from thinking about anything else

  • Over time, you’ll require more of the medicine to achieve the same result.
  • Taking more of the drug than you expected for a longer period of time
  • ensuring that you have a steady supply of the medicine
  • Spending money on a medication that you cannot afford
  • Due to drug use, people are failing to satisfy their obligations and work responsibilities, as well as cutting back on social and leisure activities.
  • Continuing to consume the substance despite knowing that it is giving you problems or harming your physical or mental health
  • Taking actions in order to obtain the medicine you require

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