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Adolescent Substance Use Disorder

Adolescent Substance Use Disorder

Just as there are some common causes, such as boredom or peer pressure, that might induce teenagers to try drugs, there are risk and protective factors that determine whether a teen will abuse drugs or refrain from usage. These factors have been investigated in the research.

A recent study in the Journal of Addiction indicated that the following factors increase the probability that an adolescent may abuse substances:

  • History of child abuse/neglect
  • Having a parent who misuse drugs
  • Being a victim of physical or sexual attack
  • Forming friendships with classmates who use drugs
  • Bullying
  • Being tied to a gang
  • Having depression, PTSD, or another mental disease
  • Being diagnosed with ADHD

While the preceding factors can increase the likelihood of substance addiction among teenagers, the following can actually minimize a teen’s risk of becoming engaged with drugs or alcohol.

  • Strong social skills
  • Involvement with religious or spiritual activities
  • Showing resilience in the face of stress
  • Positive involvement with the school and community
  • Strong relationships with family
  • Being recognized for appropriate behavior
  • Clear and persistent signals about the rejection of drug and alcohol use

To lower the chance of juvenile drug and alcohol usage while preventing some of the repercussions as well, it is vital to strive to eliminate risk factors and strengthen protective variables. For example, children who have been victims of abuse, neglect, or violence should be directed to counselling to address these concerns. It is also crucial to involve kids in constructive activities, such as youth groups, athletics, community service programmes, and clubs, where drug and alcohol usage is frowned upon. As a parent, it is vital to build a close connection with your teens and congratulate them for excellent behavior, such as strong school attendance and participation in constructive activities.

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