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Alcohol And Bipolar Disorder

The Relationship Between Alcohol And Bipolar Disorder

Many people with bipolar disorder have an alcohol addiction. According to certain research, the majority of people with bipolar disorder will acquire some sort of alcohol use disorder in their lifetimes. Up to 43% of people with bipolar disorder have an alcohol use issue at any given moment, according to some studies.

According to many individuals, bipolar disorder refers to a person experiencing happiness and despair or fury at the same time as if a switch had been turned on. This is not how bipolar disorder manifests itself in the real world. An overwhelming sense of despair or helplessness might alternate with extreme joy or apathy. It may appear to be a never-ending battle, yet there is so much more to each individual’s pain.

People with bipolar disorder frequently experience a sense of helplessness and disconnection from reality. When you’re unsure of what to do or how to feel during an episode, turning to alcohol can seem like a very enticing approach for reducing these numbing symptoms.

In social situations, alcohol can help settle anxieties. Bipolar disorder can be alleviated for a short time, but it can also deteriorate in the long run if it is not treated.

Sedative effects of alcohol have been linked to an increased risk of bipolar disorder. Each sip of booze can cause depression, which is similar to the effects of some prescription drugs. As a result, many people who suffer from bipolar disorder find alcohol to be a great source of pleasure. Bipolar disorder’s bad side effects can be worsened by alcohol, which can stoke the flames with each sip.

Taking medication for bipolar disorder might cause one drink to grow into several, especially if you’re not eating. An empty glass of booze, on the other hand, can make bipolar disorder even more destabilizing.

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