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Effects of Substance Abuse in the Workplace

Effects of Substance Abuse in the Workplace

Substance misuse in the workplace is common in many companies. A long-standing habit of substance abuse might be concealed by employees who drink or take prescription or illicit substances. However, over time, the actions and performance of a substance user deteriorate. To avoid the ill-fated domino effect, it is critical to identify the individuals who are abusing substances in the workplace. Drug prevention rules are in place in the company, however, to ensure that no one is infected and to ensure a healthy work environment.

There are a few worries because employees who use drugs or alcohol are less safe at work, more likely to be involved in accidents, and more likely to divulge sensitive information about the firm or its clients. These persons are known for their recklessness, resulting in injury or death to others or inflicting verbal abuse.

How do you detect drug abusing employees?

By looking at their looks, conduct, and performance, we can usually tell if an employee is abusing drugs or alcohol. Consistent quality of work is a red flag for performance; a lack of enthusiasm or over interest in the job is also a factor. Slow and dreary workplaces and frequent sick leave are also factors. There is a correlation between behavior and looks. People who are abusing drugs or alcohol may have slurred speech, dilated pupils, or even the strong odor of narcotics or alcohol emanating from their breath. The additional signs of drug misuse, such as anger, violent conduct, suspiciousness, and depression, might also accompany the aforementioned.

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