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Effect of gambling addiction on mental health

Whether it’s sports betting, playing slots, or purchasing lottery tickets, gambling is frequently portrayed as a fun pastime. The accessibility and normalcy of gaming are major factors in the emergence of compulsive gambling.

Many people who gamble compulsively are aware that it’s not a fun pastime. In actuality, gambling negatively impacts your mental health. According to one study, pathological gambling has biopsychosocial repercussions that increase depression, anxiety, obsessive disorders, and personality disorders by serving as direct triggers.

Gambling and Mental Health Disorders

Compulsive gambling can exacerbate the symptoms of a mental health issue, such as depression or anxiety, if you already have one. Additionally, compulsive gambling can lead to mental health issues, which will only encourage you to gamble more. Dual diagnosis refers to when a person has both a mental health illness and a gambling disorder. These disorders must be treated concurrently for a full recovery.

Gamblers may discover that they need to take higher gambling risks in order to get the same thrill they had when they first started gambling because they build up a tolerance to it over time, it becomes less rewarding, and they acquire a tolerance to it. In other words, the brain develops a dependence on dopamine to activate the reward system.

Every person has a natural setpoint for their mood, which can vary a little bit over the day. Your mood setpoint temporarily rises as you gamble and feel pleasure, then it returns to normal. Your mood setpoint, though, can decline if gambling becomes an addiction, even while you’re not actively playing.

Many people use gambling as a coping mechanism for their worry or as a method to channel it into the thrill of the game. Up to 34% of problem gamblers also suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder, which is a severe form of anxiety.

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